September Ipsy Glamazon Bag Review

September Ipsy Glamazon Bag Review

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I was just waking up when I finally got the email: Joanne, there is a package waiting for you. My Ipsy bag had finally arrived!

Last month, I signed up for an Ipsy subscription on a whim. It was just $10, after all, and I didn’t have much to lose. I missed having makeup and, now that I don’t live with my parents, I have to buy my own things. Which meant that luxury goods like makeup took the backseat to groceries and school fees.

I finally got my first bag for Ipsy. Here are my thoughts! // #ipsy #makeup #septemberglambag #ipsyglamazon

I couldn’t really complain since $10 was a good deal and after researching it on the internet and having multiple recommendations from my friends, Ipsy seemed trustworthy and worth it. So I patiently waited for next months bag to come and, lo and behold, it’s finally in my hands.

The Bag

The Bag

The bag design was cute, but after seeing August’s design, I was a little let down. I’m a fan of whimsical designs and very anti-logo (stores selling shirts with their brand name on it… that’s a different rant for a different day), but this bag was shiny and sparkly, and admittedly quite cute, so I’m letting it pass.

The theme for this month was Glam, and the bag touted products that did away with “lazy beauty”. I for one am a huge proponent for lazy beauty: my daily makeup is usually just my eyebrows done nicely and my nail polish will probably stay chipped for a good month before I finally redo it. But it was an interesting concept. Maybe this month, I’ll actually be motivated to try a little harder.

Ombre Angled Brush

The first product I pulled out was this Ombre Angled Brush from Crown Brush.

I am a huge fan of brushes and when I saw their product line-up for the month, I was hoping to get this brush in my bag. Since I’m very lazy when it comes to makeup, I only really have one beauty blender and a couple of brushes for… who knows what. (If I’m being completely honest, I tend to just use my fingers for everything *gasp*.)

The brush is extremely soft and seems easy to hold and use. It’s small enough to be portable for on-the-go use and seems good enough to use for all my makeup needs.

This retails for $7.99.

BeFine Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliating Cleanser

The BeFine Food Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser is made with brown sugar, almonds, and oats. It comes from a vegan and cruelty free company, something I’m really excited about. (I’m interested in going completely cruelty free, so I’ll probably look through my products to start seeing what I should cut out when I have the time.)

It’s supposed to exfoliate and remove impurities while moisturizing your skin. I’ve had really oily skin lately, so I’m interested to see if this will help clear that up. My issue is that my skin tends to be extremely sensitive to new products, so I’ll probably start breaking out from this. (Fingers crossed I don’t.)

I think this is just a sample size? I can’t find the actual product on their website, but their other samples retail for $10.

Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum

Hydrating Serum

Surprisingly, I don’t have any dry spots right now, so Eau Thermale Avene’s Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum is going to have to wait.

It’s supposed to keep your skin hydrated for a whole day by softening the skin and relieving tightness and irritation. Since I don’t have any use for it right now, it’s going in the back of my drawer to be used when my skin decides to hate me again.

The full size product retails for $32.00

Trust Fund Beauty - Champagne Socialite

Nail Polish

I was extremely excited when I saw this product. Even though I did say that redoing my nail polish constantly wasn’t my thing, I do love a good nail polish.

This color is gorgeous; it’s shimmery and a nice champagne shade that makes me feel both like a mature adult but also a fun loving teen. The brush also applies it super well and the formula seems amazing. I only applied a single coat and it already looks perfect, which is wonderful for me because it cuts my nail painting time in half. It dries pretty quickly and the website says that it’s free from the usual harmful stuff that’s in most nail polishes.

This is definitely my favorite thing in this entire bag and it’s full size. Amazing.

Trust Fund Beauty’s Nail Polish in Champagne Socialite retails for $15.


The star of the whole bag is a tarte cosmetics product: tarteist™ lash paint mascara.

I’m not usually a mascara kind of person, mostly because I wear glasses. Glasses and mascara usually end up pretty badly for me. Either no one can tell I’m wearing mascara at all, or the mascara gets all over the lens. Needless to say, I generally avoid mascara and the only tube I have to loooong past it’s expiration date.

I really liked this mascara though. It’s really darkly pigmented and made my extremely sparse eyelashes look both fuller and longer, without any clumps. I tend to put thousands of layers on, so the whole no clump thing is a miracle. It also lasted a whole two hours of wear while I was out volunteering. I’m assuming it could last much longer than that, but volunteering in an animal shelter = smelling gross and icky so I showered as soon as I got home.

This was a sample, and was about half of the actual size, which retails for $23.

The Company

I actually really liked how this month turned out. I wasn’t expecting anything bad, but I liked most of my products. The brush and the nail polish alone made it worth the $10 I spent, so I definitely don’t feel like I waste my money on thisAs a broke college student, I might drop Ipsy for next month, just because food > makeup. As sad as it is to admit, my foodie habits are more important than my enthusiasm for makeup. (Though if anyone wants to send me an Ipsy subscription, be my guest lol.)

I’d recommend Ipsy to all my friends (and you!!!) who want to try out new makeup or want to branch out to different brand and companies. Or even if you just like a little surprise gift every now and then, because this definitely lifted my mood.

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