How to Finally Relax After Finals Week

How to Finally Relax After Finals Week

It’s finally here, the moment all college students have been waiting for: Winter Break. After a grueling fall semester, we’ve earned the right to relax. But, for some reason, it’s becoming really hard for me to. I’ve been feeling pretty lost just sitting in my room not knowing what to do. Without the routine of classes and studying, I’m not really sure what to do with all this sudden free time I have on my hands.

So, after bumming around for a couple of days, I’ve finally started to become a little more productive. Sure, I’m not memorizing pages upon pages of lecture notes like I used to, but at least I’m not just laying in  bed thinking “what in the world if going on?” and sighing loudly. If you’re finding yourself bored without school, here are a few things you can do to get into Winter Break mode and start relaxing.

Finals Week is always rough, but now that it's over, you deserve a break to relax. // #finals #relax #school

Write a list of things you want to do over break.

Just envisioning what you want to get done can set you off to being a little more productive. Plus, it gives you things to look forward to doing as opposed to wondering what your next activity is going to be. Simply consult your list and do the next thing you think seems interesting.

You can use this list to relax by including tasks like watching a specific holiday movie or reading. But you could also use it to keep yourself busy and productive by setting goals to get ready for the next semester and such. Here’s my list of goals that I’ve set for this Winter Break in case you need ideas!

Let yourself sleep in.

This past semester has been a whirlwind of late nights and early mornings. Give your body a break now that you don’t have any obligations anymore! Sleep in a little. Maybe even sleep in a lot. Take this time to relax and catch up on all the sleep your body has missed out on. I remember the first day without finals; I overslept until one in the afternoon! While it is a little disorienting at first, your body will thank you.

Clean up your room.

I don’t know about you guys, but there’s something therapeutic about cleaning after a big event. It’s almost like your washing the semester out of your hair. Besides, wouldn’t it be fun to physically get rid of all the papers and notes you’ve been hoarding? Throw away old notes, or keep them and put them in file folders if you can’t bear to part with your stuff.

Move your furniture around and give yourself a new space for next semester. By doing this, you can enter the new school year with a fresh mindset and a fresh environment.

Clean up your computer.

I have an awful habit of downloading the same file a million times instead of just looking for it in my computer. Because of this, there are probably thousands of copies of the syllabus for all my classes. And let’s not forget all the assignments and lecture slides that I’ve let accumulate. I haven’t checked yet, but I can already bet that it’s a hot mess.

Purging your computer can be just as therapeutic as cleaning your room. What better way to relax than putting everything in your recycling bin and saying goodbye to your Physiology syllabus forever?

Read some good books.

Can you imagine finally getting to relax and curling up with a mug of hot cocoa and a good book? I can’t wait to go home and finally get to unwind and have nothing distracting me and my books. As college students, there’s barely any leisure times. Our days are consumed by work and studying and, when it’s not a combination of those two, we’re trying to catch our breath so we don’t get knocked down.

I haven’t read in forever, so I associate reading now with freedom and finally being able to relax. Do yourself a favor and find a good book to read and just lose yourself in worlds other than your Biology textbook. I’ve listed the books I’m planning on reading this winter break in a post, so if you need any recommendations, check it out!

Watch television.

I feel like most college students associate free time with Netflix. I’m pretty behind on a lot of my shows, and I can’t wait to catch up again over break. So if reading isn’t your thing or you want to relax passively and just stare at the television, go ahead and start a new series or rewatch an old one!

Email your professors a thank you.

I like to end every semester with a sincere thank you email to professors that I personally feel have made this semester great. Don’t overdo it and send the same generic email to everyone; make it personal. Thank them for the time they’ve spent teaching your class and tell them how they’ve impacted you. Maybe they said something that resonated with you or they were extremely helpful during office hours.

This is a great way to let them know that they’re appreciated, despite the hundreds of kids that were falling asleep during their class.

Go out with friends.

If your semester was filled with staying at home and hitting the books, chances are you missed out on a lot of hang-outs. While it’s perfectly okay to put your education in front of everything else, it can be awful to know that something happened that you weren’t a part of. Now that you have nothing else to do, hang out with your friends! Grab a bite to eat or just sit outside and talk to them.

How was finals week for you? Will you be celebrating, or are you in need of a serious dose of TLC? It’s a mix of both for me, but I’m definitely glad to be done!

What ways are you going to relax now that you have all this free time?


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2 thoughts on “How to Finally Relax After Finals Week

  1. I’ve slept in almost everyday since I got home from school last week lol.
    Cleaning? Not so much.. haha! but, I wanna read some good books over the break too 🙂

    • I hate sleeping in because I feel like I wasted the day, but the extra sleep was much needed. It was like my body was telling me enough was enough, you need sleep! But I feel you on the not cleaning thing, the only reason why I had to get off my butt and do it was because I couldn’t check out of the dorms without cleaning everything up!

      What books are you thinking about reading? I’m always in the mood for good books! 🙂

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