Six Ways to Prepare for Spring Semester

Six Ways to Prepare for Spring Semester

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year, so you know what that means. Resolutions, goals, and, of course, a new semester! I figured that now that there’s some down time, (how hectic was this holiday season?!) it’s time to start preparing for a new school term.

I don’t know about you all, but Fall 2016 has left me drained. I was more than glad to finish up my last final and finally get to relax. But as wild as Fall semester was, I’m still very excited for this upcoming semester. I’m determined to do even better in Spring. And now that I officially have nothing else to do but sit around, I figured I might as well start preparing for Spring semester.

And, of course, share my tips with you!

Spring semester is coming up soon, and what better time to start getting ready than right now? // #college #organization

So, here are a few things on my To Do list for the next week to make sure I start off Spring semester on a high note.

1. Move on from last semester.

Whether you did amazingly well or not as awesome as you anticipated, it’s important to enter your Spring semester with as little baggage as possible.

In my experience, it’s much harder to enter Spring semester than Fall because you don’t have the luxury of a whole two months of relaxation to forget what happened in the previous semester. After all, finals was just a few weeks ago.

But if you go into Spring semester upset about how you did in Fall, you’ll be entering brand new classes with a negative mindset. That will automatically start you off on the negative track. Also, if you start of thinking you have to make a certain grade in order to make up for Fall semester, all you’re doing is setting up unnecessary pressure for yourself.

(And if you did well, there’s a chance you might overestimate yourself and not take it as seriously! I know that’s what happened when I started Summer semester.)

Do yourself a favor and try to let go of whatever happened in Fall, be it good or bad. Don’t mourn your grades or think you’re a bad student. Learn from whatever mistakes you made and acknowledge the parts of the semester that you rocked!

Just like how 2017 is a new year to become a new you, so is Spring semester!

2. Make goals.

Speaking of the new year, a new semester also calls for some resolutions!

Start of the new semester with some school related goals, but make sure to make the quantifiable and realistic. For example, don’t say you want to make straight A’s on all your classes, because that puts unnecessary pressure on you from the get go. Remember that resolutions like “I want to make good grades” or “I want to study more” aren’t very helpful. Make them specific and doable!

If you’re stuck on what goals you want, here are some tips that helps me make my list:

  • Think of organizations you want to be a part of and make a point of going to their meetings in the new semester.
  • Learn from Fall semester! Think of what you did wrong or right and apply it.
  • Make sure you’re not just thinking academically! School is more than just grades; include some well-being goals in there.

By having a clear path to go on, you definitely have a higher chance of succeeding.

3. Buy more school supplies.

I don’t know about you, but I only buy school supplies as necessary. With all the new classes I’m taking, I’m going to need more notebooks and other school supplies!

Nothing beats shopping for school to get you in the mood to learn. I love looking at all the cute stationary supplies; it instantly makes me excited for the new school year. One of my favorite things to shop for are agendas! Just thinking about school supply shopping is getting me excited for Spring semester, if I’m being completely honest.

4. Start writing again.

In the age of technology, our gadgets definitely get more use than anything else. While this is wonderfully efficient, it puts us at a drawback when school starts up and we’re trying to hand write our notes. From personal experience, my hand kind of… forgets how to write, if that makes sense.

This two week break from writing extensive pages of notes has left my hands confused! As silly as it sounds, I tried writing in the tip for a meal I had and my numbers looked slightly shaky. If you’re prone to handwriting things, get your hands used to writing again, so you don’t struggle when classes start up!

(By the way, I really hope I’m not the only one who struggles with this haha. I hope I don’t sound crazy, but not using my hands for writing for this long makes writing so weird. Ugh, I hate it.)

5. Organize your files.

This is a must for me. I know a lot of people organize their files at the end of the academic year, but I need to do it after every semester, otherwise everything would be an unorganized mess.

I have an awful habit of downloading the same file a million times. I tell myself every time that I’ll be more organized with my computer files, but it never works. So, instead, I go through a cleaning spree at the end of every semester and make sure all important files are in folders, tucked away under Fall 2016. I don’t particularly like deleting anything, because you never know if you’re ever going to need it again. (Probably not, but just in case you know?)

You should definitely do this with your paper files too! File away exams, homework, worksheets– anything you have– into file folders for every class. That way if you ever need it again, or if a friend is taking the class, you’ll have resources available.

If there’s anything you do to get ready for Spring semester, I think this is the most important. After all, an organized mind is a successful mind.

6. Change your environment.

I didn’t realize how necessary this was until recently. Being surrounded by the same things constantly gets boring. And boring leads to routine and routine leads to a lack of motivation. Aside from this, a fresh new environment can just be refreshing to look at, and can put you into the mindset that Spring semester is new and different from Fall.

You can move your furniture around, or simply switch up the decor. I don’t usually study in my dorm room, but I did move around my desk to a better spot. I also changed up my picture wall by adding new pictures from Fall semester.

Because I don’t study in my room, the best way from me to change up my environment was to change my laptop and phone wallpapers. It’s simple, but having something new and different to look at was a great way to signal a new time.

Get ready for Spring semester!

So there you have it, those are six tips to start preparing yourself for Spring semester. The first week back is always hectic, from unpacking your suitcase if you went back home to worrying about syllabuses and where your classes even are. I’m not doing much right now other than relaxing and playing with my cat, so I figured why not start getting ready now?

Just writing this post made me excited to get back into the swing of school!

What else do you do to get ready for the new semester? Are you as excited for Spring semester as I’m getting? (Or am I just a dweeb that likes school too much? Haha.)

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2 thoughts on “Six Ways to Prepare for Spring Semester

  1. Nope, you’re most definitely not alone about the handwriting thing! The first couple days of my notes are always significantly different from the rest. LOL! Thanks for these tips! I never thought about getting a head start on my handwriting to solve the issue.

    • Thank you for stopping by! And for making me feel less crazy haha. This has always bothered me since high school and I hates having to rewrite my notes after the first few days of shaky writing!

      I hope the rest of your school year goes swimmingly!

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