Spring 2017 Semester Goals

Spring 2017 Semester Goals

Yesterday, I made a post about all the things you can do to prepare for Spring semester. One of those things was to make a list of goals. Thus, I figured that I should share some of my own goals!

I’m working on creating an upward trajectory for myself, to make up for a pretty bad first semester. Thus, I’m determined to become a better student after every semester. Fall 2016 wasn’t too bad, but there are still things I can do to improve. I’m really looking forward to starting this fresh new Spring 2017!

But first, here’s a recap of Fall 2016:

  • The lowest grade I got was a B+. This was pretty major for me because this semester has been drained me both mentally and physically. I’m glad that I persevered and did well regardless of the hardships I endured.
  • I started thinking of my well-being. I used to just push myself throughout high school and my first year here at college. This was so detrimental to my health and I suffered in so many ways. But I started being kind to myself and understanding when I needed a break.
  • I joined a sorority! This was one of the highlights of my semester. I’ve made so many friends and gained experiences that I’ll treasure for a long time.

As good as Fall semester was, I’m ready to start all over and have a new chance to be a better person academically. So, without further ado, here are some of the goals I have for the Spring 2017 semester.

A new semester means more semester goals! Here are some things I want to get done in Spring 2017! // #college #spring2017

Apply for the Health Science double major.

I’ve wanted to be a Health Science major since my first semester. It’s limited access, which means the major can only take a certain number of students. I’m not going to have high expectations, because it is a competitive major to get into. But one can dream, right?

Besides, you never know unless you try. And you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Apply for the UF Teach Science minor.

This minor is my dream, if I’m being completely honest. After someone came to speak to my class about the opportunity, I was completely sold. My plan is to teach for a year (or two) after college so I won’t go into med school directly; this is my ticket to doing so.

Apply for Equal Access Clinic.

Equal Access Clinic is a volunteer opportunity in my college that is really tough to get into. It allows pre-med student to gain valuable medical skills by allowing volunteers to take vitals and interact with patients.

This opportunity would be another dream come true!

Apply for AMSA directorship position.

AMSA is an organization I’ve been a part of since my Freshman year. It’s made my pre-med experience so much better, so just applying would be a wonderful opportunity. (But if I get the position, that’s a whole different celebration there!)

I’d like to get more leadership opportunities, and this is one of them!

Create and implement study hours.

Before, I would just study whenever I had free time. While this meant that I was at the library often, it doesn’t necessarily translate into “I was studying a lot”. Also, this made me associate free time with studying, so if I ever did anything else (like hung out with my friends), I felt like I was wasting time I could be using to study.

My plan is to have segments of time scheduled for studying for a particular class every day. In those times, I don’t want to do anything but study.

Attend all of my professors’ office hours at least three times each.

I only started attending office hours last semester, but even then I didn’t do so frequently. Now, I really want to get to know my professors more!

I want to go visit them within the second week of school to introduce myself and then twice more throughout the semester.

Recently, I wrote a post about how to talk to your professors and what to talk about! If this is one of your goals, check out that post. Maybe Spring 2017 will be our year to get to know our professors together, haha!

Sleep by 12:30 every night.

I have a bad habit of not sleeping until maybe two or three in the morning. Because I had very early classes, this made staying focused and awake almost impossible! I averaged maybe eleven hours of sleep each week, which is definitely awful. I was always tired and cranky; my caffeine intake was absolutely huge.

Obviously, I know myself and there will be days that I’ll just have to stay up, but I want to go to bed on time for the most part.

I really want Spring 2017 to be the semester where I finally get enough sleep!

Put my phone away during class.

I get bored very easily. But I want to end this awful habit and start being more present in classes, even if I feel comfortable with the material. I’m usually texting my boyfriend or on Facebook, so I want to actively put my phone into my book bag to force myself not to check it.

Actually use my planner effectively.

Agendas are my favorite school supply! I love using agendas because I’m a very forgetful person; it’s great to be organized and have all the important things laid out for me. But sometimes between rushing from class to class, I’ll forget to write important dates and assignment down. Fortunately, this hasn’t made me miss any assignments, but I’d still like to work on this.

I want to write in my agenda frequently as soon as something comes up. My old method was to write everything down as soon as I got free time, but, again, I’m worried that I won’t remember everything I have to!

Spring 2017 is going to be totally awesome!

This post definitely got me excited to start the new semester. I’m practically counting down the days until I get to start again. (I hope this excitements lasts haha!) Hopefully, I can achieve all these goals and more! These are a lot of things on my To Do list, but I’m determined to get them all done.

How about you? What are your goals for the new semester? Are you as excited as I am for Spring 2017?

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4 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Semester Goals

  1. I really need to stay off my phone during class too! I was so awful about this is past semester.

    • Haha, don’t worry we all go through this I guess. I’m just glad I’m not the only one! It’s such a struggle because I miss out on so much of lectures because the temptation to scroll through instagram is too strong!

  2. Those last three are so me! I have 8 am classes next semester so I need to start going to bed earlier. In terms of staying off your phone, have you tried the app pocket points? You earn points the longer you have your phone locked while you are in class and you can get all kinds of deals and coupons for local places! I started using it last semester and it made me stay off my phone way more! So glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours!

    • Oh, man. Early morning classes have been the death of me! Coffee was definitely such a big help haha. What definitely helped me was setting an alarm that told me to go to sleep by a certain time! Of course, I ignored it half the time, which is counterproductive lol.

      Thank you so much for telling me about that app! I just downloaded it and I’m so excited to use it when class starts!


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