Meet My Cat, Clara

Meet My Cat, Clara

For those of you that don’t know me, my cat is one of the most important things in my life right now. She’s often on my social media accounts (follow me on Instagram: @joannemmae or add me on snapchat: @joannemarquez to see her!) and she’s even my blog picture (look to your right haha!). I am a huge cat lady, and my little kitty baby is my absolute favorite cat in the world.

So I figured, what better time for you all to meet her than right now?

My cat's name is Clara and she's absolutely precious! // #cat #cats #pet

Meet Clara

Clara is a three year old kitty. I named her after Clara Oswald from Doctor Who and Clara Barton, the nurse who founded the American Red Cross. She’s such an independent (and bossy!) cat, that it fits her to be named after headstrong women.

She loves naps, eating, and chin rubs. Occasionally, she’ll want a good stomach rub, but that’s very rare. (Trust me, I have the scars from her scratches to prove how temperamental she is.) She loves to live in suitcases and will unashamedly get cat hair all over my clothes if I dare leave my bags open.

Her favorite foods are chicken, cooked in any way, and butter! Clara loves to sit at the dinner table and fish for scraps. And, of course, I’ll give them to her anyway.

She has her own Instagram account too! Feel free to check it out @clarakitty_!

How I Got My Cat

So flashback to my senior year of high school. It’s close to Winter Break and a friend of mine had a stray cat living in his neighborhood. That cat gave birth to a beautiful litter of kitties and he posted a picture of them on his snap story, asking if anyone would want a free kitty. I jokingly responded, even though my parents hated the thought of having a cat.

It sort of… went too far. And before I knew it, I picked out a cat and scheduled a day for him to bring her over.

My parents had no idea about any of this. Even though I’ve always been a rebellious person, this was a pretty big rule to break. I thought about calling it all off, but I really wanted a cat.

Before I could change my mind, there was a kitten in my living room. The moment she walked out of her create and let out a tiny meow, my heart melted and I knew I had to find a way to let my parents keep her.

My sisters and I ended up hiding her for the night, feeding her inconspicuously and making sure she didn’t make a single sound. Christmas was a day away and I figured how could my parents possibly say no to her on the most magical day of the year?

So on Christmas, I put a small bow on her head and let her wander towards the family in the midst of present opening. I wish I thought about recording their reactions. Thinking back on it, I can’t remember if they were more shocked or delighted. After all, how else would you feel if you saw such an adorable creature in your living room?

Present Day

Now, after three years of being together, I have become my cat’s human. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I’ve crawled underneath cars and stood in my neighbors’ bushes when she ran out of the house. I endured many, many scratches and bite marks during her showers (oh, the flea scare she had last year was absolutely awful!).

Living Without My Cat

Because I went away from college, that means I spend a majority of the year without my darling kitty. It also means that she has quite a lot of time to make the rest of my family her favorite and shun me for abandoning her. I spend a good portion of my breaks at home trying to get her to love me again by bribing her with toys and treats.

My cat has been something of a safety net. As weird as it is, even thinking about her keeps me happy and sane. And that has nothing on actually being around her; my cat is such a calming presence. I’m in the process of filling out an Emotional Support Animal claim. If I get it, I can get her to live with me in college!

It’s kind of rough, not having my cat with me. College is slowly becoming more and more unbearable without her. I compensate by meeting other cats. I volunteer frequently at animal shelters and cat adoption places to get my kitty fix.

Here’s Clara!

I think this has been one of my favorite posts to write! I love my cat and she’s such a huge part of my life that I wanted to share her with you too. Feel free to follow her on Instagram; she’s such a diva and she wants to be famous haha.

Do you have any pets? Tell me about them! I love hearing about other peoples’ pets. Feel free to link me to your blog posts about them/ pictures of them! They really brighten my day haha.

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