Seven Small Tips for College Students

Seven Small Tips for College Students

Schools sucks, and it’s even worse when you’re a hot mess like me. But the one good thing about being a hot mess is that you learn a lot after all the dumb mistakes you’ve made. So, to save you all the heart break of, say, having your stomach obnoxiously growl in class or sitting down in a library and not studying, I’ve complied my best advice into a nice post.

There are a bunch of school advice out there, but you already know them all. From always carrying water around to bringing an umbrella just in case– we’ve all heard them. But these are advice that I haven’t seen yet, or haven’t seen much of. If you know them all already then I applaud you for being way more put together than me. (Please show me your ways I’m trying to change myself.)

After two years of trial and error, I think I've finally got this whole college thing down. // #college #tips #success #advice

Study with a specific list of tasks.

It’s so difficult to motivate yourself to study when all you’re thinking about is all the work you have to do. In the past few semesters, I’ve sat down at the library thinking “I have to study Biology, Physiology, Statistics, Psychology… oh my.” It’s just too overwhelming. And the worst part is that it might deter you from actually studying because you’ll just be crying over how much work you have to do.

Instead, make a specific list, mental or not, of all the things you want to accomplish during that study session. And be realistic! Instead of studying for entire subjects, making lists like “I need to make flashcard for my Organic Chemistry functional groups,” breaking up your studying into manageable chunks.

Explore your city.

As a college student, it’s so easy to get caught up in the routine. Wake up. Go to class. Study. Homework. Study. Sleep. Repeat. It’s boring and can drive you crazy if that’s all you’re doing every single day of your life. It’s also hard to remember there’s a world outside of your campus– I even forget there are places on campus outside of the route I usually go through.

Take a weekend, or any free day you have, to go see what’s out there. I’ve found amazing new spots on campus I didn’t know existed before. Last week, I finally explored the downtown area a little more and visited the city public library. I was starting to hate this small city before actually getting to see what it has to offer.

After all, there’s definitely more to life than classes.

Use a three or five subject notebook instead of individual notebooks for each class.

I find that having separate notebooks is very tedious. I sometimes forget a notebook I need, which is devastating in and of itself. This semester, I have a five-subject notebook that holds all my classes, as well as a section for general notes and loose leaf paper. It’s a good idea to keep all your notes in one place, so that you’ll always have them around just in case.

Take pictures often.

And not for Snapchat, please! There’s something to be said about being able to look back at your year and remember the small things that weren’t really significant, but still important. Impromptu food outings with your friends, that one time you decided to enjoy nature and sit outside to people watch for a bit–  it’s nice to be able to one day scroll through your pictures and remember the little moments.

You can print the best ones and make a scrapbook or photo wall with them, or simply store them on an online photo gallery site to look at when you’re feeling a little nostalgic.

Put all your textbook PDFs on a tablet or e-reader.

It is so much easier to read from a device! I absolutely hate reading and working from my laptop; but ever since I started putting my textbooks on my nook, my life has been changed. The best part is that it’s so portable! I don’t have to carry around a clunky (and distracting) laptop everywhere I go just to read a textbook.

Carry around tea bags and hot chocolate packets.

This is my favorite discovery, and my favorite piece of advice, by far. My campus has loads of Starbucks all over campus. It gets really expensive to be constantly buying drinks from there, but we all know a study session isn’t complete without a drink (and a snap or two with a Starbucks cup for that ~*aesthetic*~). But Starbucks will give you a tall cup of hot water for free that you can just mix in your own stuff to! I have just a little bit of shame in standing in line only for a free cup of water.

Don’t put off your laundry.

As a self proclaimed Lazy Girl, I absolutely hate doing laundry. Being in the dorms means I have to lug a heavy bag of laundry down two flights on stairs and then all the way across a (pretty small) courtyard. And then you have to wait or come back and, of course, fold and put them away. Ugh, I shudder just to think about it.

But an overflowing pile of laundry is off putting and pretty gross– it’ll definitely start to smell eventually! (And how sad would it be to find out your favorite outfit is in the bin aka out of commission until the next time you do laundry?) Set specific days to do your laundry (weekly or biweekly) and actually do it. You’ll thank yourself after you force yourself to do it.

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I'm Joanne, an eighteen year old college student living in rainy, rainy Florida. On this blog, you can find a collection of all my random thoughts and maybe some actually helpful college advice here and there.

3 thoughts on “Seven Small Tips for College Students

  1. YES to all of these! Carrying around tea bags is such a good idea, haha, I’ve never thought to do that! I always forget to take a lot of pictures, hopefully for the rest of college, I’ll remember to snap more candid moments. They’re so great to look back on, especially videos!

  2. This is such an awesome post! My favorite tip is the one about carrying your own hot chocolate packets. I had no clue that Starbucks will give away hot water for free; I’ll have to make a note of this for when it starts getting cold again. Great post!
    Charlotte //

    • Thank you, Charlotte!

      And yeah, I had no idea until I had a sore throat one day and needed some warm water. It’s perfect because I’m too cheap to buy hot chocolate or tea from them, haha.

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