Why I’m Keeping My Blog Out of My Social Media

Why I’m Keeping My Blog Out of My Social Media

As a self-proclaimed social media connoisseur and “internet influencer”, I spend quite a lot of time on all my social media platforms (my favorites are this blog, Instagram, and snapchat!). I like to think that my social media presence truly reflects who I am as an individual: slightly artsy, but also very eccentric. I don’t like to think that I’m presenting a completely different person on my social media, so I try hard to make sure every post, tweet, or snap is very me.

Since running this blog, I got a spam comment that went something along the lines of “Do you want to make your Facebook page more professional?”. This made me think about how I’m running my social media accounts; looking at other bloggers’ social medias and Pinterest “How to grow your blog as a business” posts made me wonder if I’m doing this all wrong.

All signs point towards making your social media accounts a professional extension of your blog.

And I just don’t really want to.

I love social media, but I just can't use it to be professional and promote my blog! Read about my thoughts here! // #blogging #socialmedia

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing other bloggers’ cohesive themes and professional feeds. I spend a lot of time ogling them and appreciating their aesthetic. (One of my favorites is @TheBlongerLife; all of Jamie’s posts are absolutely gorgeous!) Bloggers who tweet profession and blog-related tweets are also incredibly impressive.

Honestly, if you’re a blogger who runs social media accounts like this, props to you.

It’s just not me.

This is part of the reason, I think, why I’m having a lot of trouble taking this blog seriously. I’ve gotten better than before, making strides to make this more of a business. (That was one of my goals from a while ago! Making this blog less of a hobby and more of a business!) But, the thing is, I still sort of view this as a passion project, even though I’m putting way more work into it now.

I see my social media accounts as a part of me—an extension of my personality rather than an extension of this blog. While I do want to be more “professional”, I don’t think I could ever stop coming up with funny, nonsense tweets or Instagram pics that show my true self.

(Now that I think of it, I think I can bet good money that my last few tweets were completely random.)

My Twitter feed is a collection of my daily thoughts and musings, things that reflect who I am at the current time, not when I can pose them eloquently like I can do on this blog.

I think my Tumblr feed is just more aesthetically pleasing than it’s about my blog. What can I say, I just really like sky pictures and marble backgrounds!

The same is true with my Instagram feed. It’s a lot of pictures of me and my friends and daily happenings in my life. It’s a lot more put together than my Twitter, that’s for sure, but not to the extent of this blog. In my mind, my feed is sort of like a memory book that I can one day look back on.

I don’t think I care all that much about creating a huge audience. I care more about communicating who I am and expressing myself. My main goal is to just surround myself with people who are interested in me and would like to engage with me and my posts!

I’ve been trying hard to remember to do so, but updates on new blog posts are often rare.

I’ve tried it though.

For a small moment, I followed people’s advice. I only tweeted about blog-related matters.

On Instagram, I published new blog post updates  with all the relevant hashtags in the hopes of growing my audience. I tweeted every new post and even filled my Snapchat story with “I wrote something new!” snaps.

It works. It definitely works.

I got a few new followers and my blog traffic did increase slightly. With the right mindset and knowing how to work social media to your advantage, it can help boost your like and follower counts.

It’s just not for me.

I love social media. But, all of a sudden, I lost all the outlets that I used to love expressing myself in. I’d take cute pictures of me and my friends, but wouldn’t post it because it didn’t fit in with my Instagram theme. I’d have ideas for things I’d usually want to tweet, but because they weren’t “professional” enough, I just let them go.

(I’m starting to feel like that girl who ranted about how fake social media is haha. Sorry for giving off that vibe!)

After this, I decided that, I don’t want to try so hard on my other social media accounts. I do care about the future success of this blog. But I’m more interested in having fun and documenting my life.

I think, to strike a happy medium, I’m going to make a separate Instagram account just for this blog. (Thoughts?)

And, to my fellow bloggers who do have cohesive and professional social media accounts: Please keep doing what you’re doing if it makes you happy! These are just my two cents on the matter. It doesn’t work for me, but if it works for you, good for you! I don’t want you to feel like you’re doing something wrong or you should stop.

What’s your social media like?

What are your views on social media? Do you agree or disagree with me?

I definitely want to hear others; opinions, because sometimes I feel like I’m in the minority in the blogging community, haha.

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  1. I like this post! I keep my Twitter and Instagram very much who I am. I tweet dumb, weird things and post Instagrams pertaining to my life. While I love seeing what other bloggers do and I, too, tried being blogger AF, it’s so important for me to keep my social media very true to myself with a few bits of the blog here and there 😉

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