The Pre-Med Diaries: An Introduction

The Pre-Med Diaries: An Introduction

Hey, guys! It’s your friendly neighborhood blogger here!

Like a lot of other college bloggers, I started this blog to help all you guys navigate your way through college. I was a very lost freshman and I relied on blogs and the internet to help me survive. While I do have posts now on how to survive college in general, I realized that I have yet to write about the pre-med track.

As an aspiring doctor, I’m under my school’s pre-med track in order to prepare myself for med school. During my freshman year, I had so many questions that I never got answered. Sure, the internet helped me with my roommate conflicts and time management problems, but they never helped me with the burning questions I had.

I started this blog to help lost and confused college students find their way in the world without making as many mistakes as I did (and continue to do!). Now that I’ve gotten a feel of the tracking and college in general, I want to help those who are now starting their pre-med career and are confused about what to do.

I’ve been inspired by Yours Truly, Katrina‘s #STEMBabes series, so I wanted to start a series on this blog: The Pre-Med Diaries. Here, I want to answer all the questions that a college adviser may not be able to answer. Stuff like:

  • How awful are my classes going to be?
  • What volunteer positions do I take?
  • How do I make myself look good on an application?
  • What organizations look good on my resume?
  • How do I balance a regular life and a pre-med coursework?
  • When should I take all these classes?
  • What do I do if I’m failing?
  • Am I doing the right thing?

See, I told you I had a ton of questions as a freshman!

The Pre-Med Diaries

(Or, PMD for short.)

The Pre-Med Diaries will be a new series on my blog that will (hopefully) answer all the questions that college-aged students have about going into the medical field. In this series, I want to answer all the questions that one could have about the field. I also want to use it as a way to motivate people who are in the track!

I am planning on biweekly installments that will focus on specific questions and giving advice. Monthly, I want to highlight an individual pursuing the track. By doing this, I hope to get fresh viewpoints and also to build a community of strong, empowered pre-med students.


My Goals for PMD

I’m hoping that PMD will help people who are thinking of going down the pre-med track and ease their nerves and worries about it. Or, on the flip side, I’m hoping that people who are already doing pre-med will be able to know whether they’re doing the right thing.

My hope for this series is that anyone reading won’t have to experience the same struggle I did as a freshman. I definitely learned a lot of things through trial and error (a lot of error). Hopefully, none of you ever have to go through failing a class, dropping out, and all the other things I got myself into while in this field.

The pre-med track definitely breeds a lot of doubt and frustration in students, but hopefully this series can help in any way!

This is for you, so get involved if you want to!

It’s currently pasty midnight, so technically I failed my BEDIM challenge. But I’m so excited about this project that I could hardly care less. I’m excited to see The Pre-Med Diaries up and see what kind of impact (if any) it makes.

The first post will be up on the blog on March 12, so get excited! Because I’m definitely already very excited.

If you have any questions about the pre-med field that you want answered, please leave them below! I’d love to personalize this series to the people I want it to help. I’m here to help, after all.

If you’re a blogger in the pre-med track and you’re interested in participating, please consider submitting a guest post! I’d love to have others’ insight and viewpoint. That, and I love hearing peoples’ stories about the fields and what their experience has been like. Furthermore, if you’re interested in being interviewed and having an article written about your experiences, please feel free to reach out! I’d love to write about you.

Are you interested in contributing or being interviewed? Send me an email at with the subject title: PMD / Your Name and we can talk more about it!

What are your thoughts?

Are you currently in the pre-med track? Like I said before, feel free to leave questions and comments on what you’d like to see in the series! I’m here to help you be the best you that you can be!

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