Here are a Few of My Favorite Things: Fall + Winter 2016

With Christmas coming really soon, I figured now would be a great time to help out any last minute shoppers with gift ideas. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself and you need recommendations on what to buy next. I mean, both are extremely valid reasons and everyone needs a shopping spree!

Either way, I highly recommend all these products for any like minded college-aged feminine individual. (So politically correct wow.)

I’m a bit of a hoarder and I definitely do not know when to stop buying things (it’s becoming a problem). So while I’m taking a little break from shopping until the end of the year, here are some of my favorite things that I’ve bought this past semester and absolutely loved.

My Winter Break Reading List

To my own embarrassment, my reading habits have been nonexistent. And that’s being kind. I don’t think I’ve read anything that wasn’t a textbook or some other assigned reading.

Much like a lot of other college students, the stress of school just throws you off on all your old habits. I don’t read anymore, nor do I practice the piano anymore. I barely even watch any Netflix nowadays because I spend most of my time studying for the next upcoming exam. This constant repetition of wanting to read but not reading is slowly driving me insane.

December 2016 Goals

It’s six days into December and one day until my finals, so what better way to spend some down time than writing down a few goals for December. I’ve been very stressed, to say the least. It’s a different kind of stress because I’m not crying in libraries to random strangers anymore. It’s more like I have a lot to do and very little time to do it so I’m just doing everything I can do to stay afloat.

I have finals one right after the other, because the universe likes to torture me. But before I get into a long and winding tale of complaining about my woes, let’s get into this post.

Self Image 2016 – A Personal Reflection

(Disclaimer: I talk about some of my favorite things in this post, which means that I do try to ink the product info on here for your convenience. That means there are a few affiliate links on this post. But every product linked is a personal favorite of mine; I would never talk about products I don’t absolutely love.)

With the new year coming, I figured now would be a good time to write a Self Image post and try to reflect on myself. Who I am, how far I’ve come, all that good stuff. I did one of these for 2016 over at my now debunk studyblr, so it would be pretty cool to make this an annual thing. If I can remember, that is.

You can find my Self Image 2015 here.

Harry Potter will Always be There to Welcome You Home

I have never been a die-hard fan of Harry Potter.

You know the type. They go to conventions and cosplay as the characters and have such unapologetic love and enthusiasm for the series that I just can’t match. There are fans that know every line by heart and can win a Harry Potter trivia game in their sleep. (I haven’t re-read the series in a while– it’s not even my being too busy, I just already know the story too much.) I also really couldn’t care less if you’ve only watched the movies or if you picked up the first book and couldn’t get through it.

The Seven Friends You Need to Meet in College

If there’s one thing I talk endlessly about in this blog, it’s the need for friends. Since my senior year of high school, I’ve pushed for how absolutely important have a good social network is. I personally believe that it’s impossible to survive without having a friend or two to keep you sane.

I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks lately, and the one thing that has kept me going has been my friends. I feel like I could talk about them endlessly. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving being near, here is my homage to all the people I’ve been lucky enough to call my friend.

Five Truths About Long Distance Relationships

I’m not an expert on long distance relationships, but I’ve been in one for almost two years now. When my boyfriend and I graduated high school, we were headed to different colleges. Sure, he’s only two and a half hours away and other people are burdened with states between them, but it hurts nonetheless. With such busy and conflicting schedules between us, the us slowly becomes more of a me and a him.

But over the course of these (almost) two years, I’ve learned things about myself and our relationship and how to be in a relationship in general. It’s not as easy as it used to be in high school. There are times when I want to end it and move on. But I’m still here.

How to Stay Mentally Healthy in College

I have always been a strong advocate for mental health awareness. Throughout high school, I have vehemently preached about the need for self-love keeping one’s self both physically and mentally healthy. Now, as a Psychology major in college, my passion for the topic has only kept growing.

I thought that leaving high school would mean I can have the chance to reinvent myself. I thought that if I could focus all my energy into being a completely new person, it could happen. But it doesn’t work like that; you can’t just get rid of your past; you have to work through them.

Cry Your Heart Out (Everything Will Be Okay)

No one likes to cry. I hate it. But I’m pretty sure I’ve cried more time this semester than I have my entire life.

It seems like, lately, a whole pile of bad things and negative vibes just got dumped on me. It’s just been building up and weighing me down. So I’ve been crying. A lot. And in front of other people too. Not in front of friends behind the safety of a closed door, either. (Though I’ve done plenty of that too.) But I’ve spent so much time crying in public. Sometimes by myself. Sometimes with other people. All of the times, I’ve been a blubbering mess.

Halloween Weekend: Last Minute Costumes + Fun Times

Up until I came to college, Halloween was never that big of a deal. I’d put on some last minute costume– or, better yet, just wear pajamas and stay at home. I was more than okay with staying back while my sisters went out trick or treating. (Besides, why should I have to work for sub-par sweets when I can have a huge bowl of good candy in front of me while I watch TV?)

There’s something about coming to college and not wanting to grow up that makes Halloween so awesome. Well, that and free food. With the rough weeks I’ve had, this past Halloween weekend was definitely a much needed distraction.