Finding the Perfect Big (and Other Big Expectations)

It’s Sister’s Week in my sorority, and I figured: who better to spew endless love other than my favorite person: my Big.

So how do I begin to explain my Big?

I’m pretty sure she’s just about the best Big anyone could ever have. And yes, I know that everyone says that about their Big. But I mean it. Really. Nothing makes me happier than thinking about reveal day, when I saw her come out of that hot pink box. (Mean Girls themed, because my Big is totally fetch.) That day is up there on my list of most important days I’ve experienced.

I came to this sorority to find friends. I knew I’d get a Big and hoped I’d get someone decent and that I would get along with. I didn’t think I’d luck out and get someone as great as her.

Sorority Stuff: My Big/Little Week Experience

The last week of Big/Little dates was almost as stressful as Finals Week last semester. I had an exam and a project that needed my undivided attention. But I also had to fit in last minute dates so I could meet as many lovely sisters as I could. I was essentially running on caffeine and stress for the whole week. I remember complaining endlessly to my boyfriend: if I didn’t love this sorority so much, I think I would have exploded from the stress.

I thought planning dates with them was stressful enough. (It’s hard explaining to people that I literally have no time in my schedule without sounding rude. #BusyGirlProbs)