5 Things To Do Before the End of the Semester

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, we only really have two things in mind:

(1) how are we going to survive finals week? and

(2) I can’t wait for summer to begin!

I don’t know about you, but I’m already dreaming of the breath of fresh air that summer will bring: nothing to study for and no 8:30 AM classes that ruin our precious sleep cycles.

But the semester isn’t over yet (unfortunately) and there’s still so much to do before we pack up and leave for vacation! Over the years, I’ve had to learn the hard way that it’s so important that you don’t start slacking off when the end of the semester comes along.

And that doesn’t just apply to studying for finals! There are so many small but important things we tend to overlook in the frenzy of trying to end the semester. Here are just five of them so you can end the semester on a high note.

Choosing Courses for the Next Semester

Long post incoming! It’s that time of the semester again: time to choose courses for next semester.

This is both my favorite and least favorite time of the year, so obviously I have a ton to say on the matter. It’s incredibly stressful to choose classes, but also kind of fun and exciting, in a way. This is my sixth (?) time choosing classes, and through all my mistakes in the past, I think I have a decent amount of advice to give about it.

Now, for those of you that know me, or read some of my college-centric blog posts, you’ll know that I’m absolutely awful when it comes to choosing courses. I take on more than what I can reasonably chew. In fact, I have too many posts all about managing a heavy course load. (Dealing With and Over Packed Schedule is just one of them!)

But I still give good advice, even though I don’t always take it. And, besides, I’m working on it! Like, legitimately working on it, I promise. My schedule next fall is set to be a lot more relaxed and easy to manage, which is a breath of fresh air.

Managing Commitments: A Guide for the Over-Involved College Student

As some of you know, I am a busy bee constantly and I have a ton of commitments. Since high school, I’ve always been very involved in extracurriculars and club activities. College is no different: I think I’m a part of five organizations?

Everyone tells you how important it is to get involved; from sayings like “You’ll meet your best friends in clubs!” to “Colleges love it when you’re a part of XYZ!” it can be very tempting to just join… everything. Colleges often have way too many clubs and organizations to join and, when you’re interested in everything, you may find yourself signing up for, well, everything.

It can get very overwhelming, really quickly. When events and requirements just start piling up, I often feel like I’m being buried by everything I have going on. (I think I average eight good cries a week over how stressed I am.) But, even though it can be very difficult, it’s absolutely doable.

Seven Small Tips for College Students

Schools sucks, and it’s even worse when you’re a hot mess like me. But the one good thing about being a hot mess is that you learn a lot after all the dumb mistakes you’ve made. So, to save you all the heart break of, say, having your stomach obnoxiously growl in class or sitting down in a library and not studying, I’ve complied my best advice into a nice post.

There are a bunch of school advice out there, but you already know them all. From always carrying water around to bringing an umbrella just in case– we’ve all heard them. But these are advice that I haven’t seen yet, or haven’t seen much of. If you know them all already then I applaud you for being way more put together than me. (Please show me your ways I’m trying to change myself.)

How to Snap Out of a Reading Funk + My January TBR

I feel like I’ve talked about this endlessly. I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t read as much as I would like in 2016. In fact, I don’t think I read anything when Fall semester started. But 2017 is the year to change that; I’m determined. But first, I have to get into the reading mood. This funk has got to go away, or else 2017 will just be another repeat of 2016.

How to Introduce Yourself to Professors

One of the Spring 2017 semester goals I laid out for myself is to attend my professors’ office hours more often. As a freshman, I didn’t go to a single one. That also means that I barely built relationships with my professors. In my mind, because I didn’t have any specific homework questions to ask, there was no need to go.

Boy, was I wrong.

Five Truths About Long Distance Relationships

I’m not an expert on long distance relationships, but I’ve been in one for almost two years now. When my boyfriend and I graduated high school, we were headed to different colleges. Sure, he’s only two and a half hours away and other people are burdened with states between them, but it hurts nonetheless. With such busy and conflicting schedules between us, the us slowly becomes more of a me and a him.

But over the course of these (almost) two years, I’ve learned things about myself and our relationship and how to be in a relationship in general. It’s not as easy as it used to be in high school. There are times when I want to end it and move on. But I’m still here.

How to Stay Mentally Healthy in College

I have always been a strong advocate for mental health awareness. Throughout high school, I have vehemently preached about the need for self-love keeping one’s self both physically and mentally healthy. Now, as a Psychology major in college, my passion for the topic has only kept growing.

I thought that leaving high school would mean I can have the chance to reinvent myself. I thought that if I could focus all my energy into being a completely new person, it could happen. But it doesn’t work like that; you can’t just get rid of your past; you have to work through them.

Ten Tips for a Clean and Tidy Dorm Room

Living in a dorm room can have its perks. For one, you’re right on campus so you never have to worry about waking up late and missing the bus. Also, can we talk about instant friends? Living in a hall with the same group of people means you’re pretty much forced to be friends.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Dorm rooms can be awful. From nasty communal showers to roommate disputes, it’s no wonder dorm rooms get a bad rep. But for me, personally, the absolute worst thing about dorm rooms is the inevitable mess that comes with it.

Cry Your Heart Out (Everything Will Be Okay)

No one likes to cry. I hate it. But I’m pretty sure I’ve cried more time this semester than I have my entire life.

It seems like, lately, a whole pile of bad things and negative vibes just got dumped on me. It’s just been building up and weighing me down. So I’ve been crying. A lot. And in front of other people too. Not in front of friends behind the safety of a closed door, either. (Though I’ve done plenty of that too.) But I’ve spent so much time crying in public. Sometimes by myself. Sometimes with other people. All of the times, I’ve been a blubbering mess.