Why I’m Keeping My Blog Out of My Social Media

As a self-proclaimed social media connoisseur and “internet influencer”, I spend quite a lot of time on all my social media platforms (my favorites are this blog, Instagram, and snapchat!). I like to think that my social media presence truly reflects who I am as an individual: slightly artsy, but also very eccentric. I don’t like to think that I’m presenting a completely different person on my social media, so I try hard to make sure every post, tweet, or snap is very me.

Since running this blog, I got a spam comment that went something along the lines of “Do you want to make your Facebook page more professional?”. This made me think about how I’m running my social media accounts; looking at other bloggers’ social medias and Pinterest “How to grow your blog as a business” posts made me wonder if I’m doing this all wrong.

All signs point towards making your social media accounts a professional extension of your blog.

And I just don’t really want to.